It's about damn time.
     First up, I figured I'd let anyone and everyone who happens across the site that I've signed a new artist for the second volume of Chaotic Soldiers. Unfortunately, at the time I was ready to go Pablo had moved on to drawing the 28 Days Later comic for the guys over at IDW. Fortunately I was talking to a guy by the name of William Allan Reyes about working on something together and he mentioned how much he liked what he saw of Chaotic Soldiers and that he'd love to take a crack at it. Well I said yes and he's already at work on the book. Be sure to check out his Deviant Art Gallery, warpath28, to see why I'm so excited to have signed him.
     Second, I was recently on Amazon just browsing around and I noticed that Chaotic Soldiers got its first user review! Swing over there and see what
Warlock1993 had to say about his experience reading the book.
     Lastly, I just got engaged this past Sunday! Exciting times! Unfortunately the buildup to it and all the other crap going on in my life have kept me away from the keyboard. Good news is, I'm back.


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